Software By Brice
"Custom Software & Web Development"

If your business is looking for software to help improve productivity, I can help. I am skilled in both the analysis of business processes and the design & development of software systems to implement the required solutions.

Software Products

Bank Easy 3.1 - A simple, yet effective, solution for managing your checkbook and other personal bank accounts. Easily manage recurring transactions, balance your acount, and print checks. More Info...

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Other Ventures

Alpha Pool League - This league provides a fun, relaxed environment where friends (and potential friends) can come together to enjoy billiards in a friendly and sportsmanlike competition. It is based on Individual play (no teams) and includes it's own unique handicapping system to help level the playeing field, regardless of a person's skill level.

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Supported Charity

We Wanna Play! - WeWannaPlay, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) Nonprofit Organization. They help monetarily support student athletes who face financial obstacles relating to the costs/fees that may be required in order to participate in middle and high school sports.

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